The teaching of Art is valued highly at St Hilary's and this is reflected in the results that all of the children achieve.

Regular weekly lessons are enjoyed by all of the pupils where they are introduced to a wide selection of techniques. There are two well-equipped art rooms used by the pupils in Years 1-6, while the younger children receive their art lessons in their own classrooms.

Children in Year 5 who  wish to apply for an Art Scholarship are encouraged to attend an Art Scholarship Club, this enables pupils to develop a portfolio and sketch book, required for entrance examinations.

The kiln is well used by children in Years 1 - 6 who enjoy working with clay in its many forms. Pupils in Key Stage 2 also create sculptures using a range of other three dimensional materials such as Modroc, wire and wood. Each pupil has the opportunity to learn how to use batik and silk painting equipment, printing tools, stencils, collage materials, a variety of paints and mark making materials. Every child is encouraged to feel confident when experimenting with ideas and is enabled to learn technical skills in a supportive environment. The Smart Board in the Art room is used regularly to introduce pupils to the work of other artists and designers; this helps them in the development of their own work.

At St Hilary's, it is important that the children's work is celebrated and shared. A broad variety of displays are found around the school and these are studied and enjoyed by all those who visit or are members of the school. The children also take part in a number of exhibitions and competitions which gives them the immense pleasure of seeing their work admired and recognised by others. 

On entry to Year 3, pupils can apply to enter for an Art Scholarship. Each Year 2 girl who wishes to enter will be invited to take part in a drawing examination and will be asked to bring a small collection of their art work to discuss with the Art teacher. A major award or two minor awards will be given to the most capable girls. The successful candidates will be encouraged to develop their skills further, participate in the exhibitions and competitions and will be part of the body of girls who enter for an Art Scholarship to their chosen senior school.

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