Philosophy is the pursuit of truth; the love of wisdom and at St Hilary's we are encouraging pupils to question critically.  

We guide our girls and boys to cultivate thinking skills, to be creative, collaborative, caring, critical, reason and to be analytical. We consider these essential life skills that will play a huge part in ensuring our pupils live fulfilling lives.

Each week, Year 1 through to Year 6 partake in a half hour session of Philosophy.  Sessions involve an activity to get the pupils thinking, such as a role play, a story or a sorting activity. From this, discussion comes - often about concepts which are normally just assumed or we think are right because that is what we are always told. The pupils drive the discussion with their thoughts, questioning each other respectfully and refining their thinking. 

Once each half term, the pupils will reflect on some good philosophical practice in their own Philosophy booklet. They will ask questions about themselves in the discussion they just had. Questions like: 'Was I honest?' or 'did I disagree respectfully?' and 'did my ideas relate to a point that someone else has just made?' 

In addition to our lessons, `St Hilary's and the Philosopher's Stone’ takes place every Friday. This is a question which is posed to the children that they then have an opportunity to discuss and talk with their friends about at playtime. If they have an interesting thought, the children are encouraged to record their thoughts on our Philosophy board.  The question is also added to our Friday Notes to enable families to discuss it with their children, if they so wish.

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