We offer French from a young age as not only does it enable children to become more confident and creative in their thinking, but it also broadens their cultural horizons.  French is introduced to pupils in the Early Years (Kindergarten and Reception) through songs, games and stories.  As the boys and girls move up to Key Stage 1, they are encouraged to speak in French and teaching incorporates learning about France, its customs and culture.  Year 1 have one 20 minute lesson and Year 2 have a 30 minute lesson each week.

In Key Stage 2 all pupils follow a course called TIP TOP, which takes a fun and communicative approach to learning with a wealth of exercises to practise reading, speaking, listening and writing in French.  The course reinforces all the topics covered in Key Stage 1 but also includes; school life, school subjects, ordering food, expressing likes and dislikes, meal-times and leisure activities.  As a school, we subscribe to the Linguascope and Languagenut websites, which we make full use of.  French is timetabled for two 30 minute lessons per week.  In Year 6, pupils go to France on a residential course of French language and culture to put all their learning into practice.

In addition, St Hilary's offers pupils in Key Stage 2 the opportunity to host one of the girls from Ombrosa School.  Ombrosa, based in Lyon in France, provides its pupils with the opportunity to experience life abroad, not only to improve their language skills, but also to gain maturity and develop friendships.  As well as being a linguistic journey, this is a real cultural exchange with pedagogic aims.  Although a return visit is not compulsory to take part in their programme, Ombrosa are happy to welcome St Hilary's pupils back to their school.



In the Spring Term of Year 6, pupils at St Hilary's are introduced to Latin.  As Latin is the root of English and many other languages, it is a valuable key to understanding and learning these.  It is well documented that Latin students are better able to understand the English language.  Latin can provide a good grounding in grammar, syntax and vocabulary which can boost pupils' understanding of other modern languages.  Through stories, grammar activities, historical information and drama, pupils are introduced to the Latin basics.   Latin has enormous cross-curricular potential, drawing in English, History, Geography, Art, Drama and Philosophy, as well as helping pupils with mathematical and scientific vocabulary. 

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